Diagnosing Depression

On Good Morning America today they shared a study that came out about diagnosing depression. They compared general practitioners with an algorithm they developed through data (looking at Instagram photos) stating that artificial intelligence is 50% more accurate than the general practitioners when correctly diagnosing depression.

They suggest people that use the Valencia filter are happier with themselves rather than no filter or the black and white filter…and that the data also counts the number of faces in the photos saying the individual is withdrawn or spending a lot of time alone, if most of their pics are selfies. When I feel good about my picture I purposely do NOT use a filter so that I can #nofilter and it makes me feel better I didn’t have to. Also since I do not go out very often a lot of my own pictures are alone or of me and my kiddo.

It is certainly something to think about if you see a friend looking sad please just be aware this may be early signs of depression or they are just wanting a friend to reach out but LETS ALL REMEMBER ALOT of what you see on social media is not real. You can photo shop, filter, clip, cut, twist, turn, upload etc. etc.

I think if you or a friend are experiencing depression STAY OFF OF INSTAGRAM AND FB AND GO STRAIGHT TO PINTEREST. Pinterest builds you up, innovates your creative side and makes you feel like you can do anything! Positivity for your morning!!

Thanks for reading! .

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