It is a sad realization that the world we now live in is now lived ONLINE!! Social media can be a great place to promote businesses, start a business, or let your friends and family know what your up to…. BUT it can also be a place for savages to be mean, make negative comments towards you or your kids giving bullies the chance to pounce.

A 12 year old little girl in New Jersey committed suicide, as it is all over the news yesterday and today. The parents are suing the school because they never reported any of the instances the parents reported since they think this led to her suicide. This story breaks my heart for many reasons, 1. I can NOT imagine how the parents are feeling as the devastation is setting in that their little girl is gone 2. If my child is telling me they are being bullied I am not only blocking those kids on their social media but I am at the house of these bullies telling their parents, friends, families how these little malicious girls are acting. The story says that the mom confronted one of the bullies moms and she took no action and no fault.

Listen, I do not NOT CARE what it takes! My kid is out of school, the school is going to be reported to the board every day, and everyday I am on my kids phone making sure they are not subject to this treatment and they are amazing!!! More importantly please make sure your child knows what other people think does NOT matter! Please raise awareness for this tragic, sad, and growing problem!! Prayers for the family!

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