Picky Eater!!


I have probably one of the pickiest eaters in the entire world! Our current food group is: Grilled cheese, PB&J, Yogurt (luckily) cheese slices (yes really), and BBQ chips, oh and the occasional banana (with Nutella that is) and that’s about it. I have tried the whole lets make dinner time an event, lets get our favorite silverware and plates, lets sit at the table. If we eat all our food we will be bribed later (which I don’t like doing but will). Everyone says they won’t starve themselves but sometimes it’s hard to see!

I blame bad daycare food the first year of his life along with all the ear infections, poor guy. I won’t name this daycare but I’d like to. Anyways the struggle is real if your a mom with a picky eater message me and we can collaborate ideas!!

Thanks for reading!!!


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