Welcome to Blogsplatter, a place to laugh… a place to cry….. and a place to I’m sure judge me at some point because you disagree with what I’m saying which is ok too! I created this blog to be able to connect with everyone in a way I’ve never allowed myself to do, which is just to put myself out there. I have always been too afraid of what other people think about me or would think about me but I have decided that I am over that phase of my life and I’m ready to share, hints “The Blonde Experience 2” I always sing “just the two of us” when I think of why I put the 2 at the end, meaning my little guy and me, well that and the blonde experience is a band in Italy lol!

I will share a few things about myself as I am far from perfect, I will do my best not to have grammatical mistakes as that is a pet peeve of mine (well that and not putting the new toilet paper roll on… your already sitting down come on how lazy does it get)?

I have a 3 year old amazing little boy and I have lived in Oklahoma almost all of my life. I have never blogged so this will be uncharted territory for me. I plan to be brutally honest about the things people just don’t talk about and share some laughs along the way. Hope you enjoy!

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