Diagnosing Depression

On Good Morning America today they shared a study that came out about diagnosing depression. They compared general practitioners with an algorithm they developed through data (looking at Instagram photos) stating that artificial intelligence is 50% more accurate than the general practitioners when correctly diagnosing depression. They suggest people that use the Valencia filter are happier with… Continue reading Diagnosing Depression


PARENTS MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD IS NOT BEING BULLIED!! It is a sad realization that the world we now live in is now lived ONLINE!! Social media can be a great place to promote businesses, start a business, or let your friends and family know what your up to…. BUT it can also be a… Continue reading CYBER BULLYING


Good morning! Wouldn’t it be nice to get $1,000! Well today you can. At Central Payment we’ll guarantee to save you money on your credit card processing costs or we’ll pay $1,000! All you is provide me with a copy of your credit card processing statement and I will give you a customized proposal showing your projected savings.… Continue reading $1,000.00


Web MD recently wrote an article stating that according to a new study if you have trouble sleeping you may be more likely to get Alzheimer’s Disease. Great, Now not only am I not sleeping well but now I also have to worry about the fact that that could lead me to later have senile dementia? Thanks a… Continue reading Insomnia